Removing keywords in Tuner

Why remove keywords

You might be accidentally generating some keywords that are too broad or irrelevant to the product you're selling, which leads to a low return on ad spend. By removing these keywords, you save money and have the chance to use it more effectively.

UI overview

Generic UI elements are covered on the Tuner basics page. The following are the columns that make up the table of tips for removing keywords:


  1. Confidence level, showing how confident Tuner is in its recommendation
  2. The keyword that should be removed
  3. Google search results for that keyword, allowing you to glimpse at why the keyword might be irrelevant to your product
  4. The match types being used with the keyword (shown on click)
  5. The reason for why each tip was suggested
  6. An estimate of how much you could save per month
  7. Details of how your keyword has been performing so far, including the impressions, clicks, CTR, cost, conversion, value, ROAS, and quality score
  8. Details of the ad group that the keyword is from
  9. Details of the product that the keyword is associated with
  10. Apply and dismiss actions
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