Reviewing and reverting changes in Tuner

How to review and revert changes

On the right-hand side of Tuner's interface, you'll find the "History" tab, which gives you an overview of every tip you ever interacted with along with the option to change your decision for each tip.

UI overview

The history tab holds a subset of the information you'd find when interacting with tips for the first time, including the relevant keyword, the confidence level, the reasoning for the keywords, performance details, and more. The following columns are unique to the History tab:


  1. The state lets you know which action you took with the keyword. Each tip has two possible states – "ignored" for when the tip was dismissed, or a type-specific state when an affirmative action was taken. With tips for removing keywords, this state is called "Removed", whereas with tips for adding negative keywords, this state is called "Added".
  2. The user reaction column tells you when you last acted on the tip.
  3. The user column tells who had made the change.
  4. The restore column allows you to make the opposite choice of the one you made. Clicking "dismiss" will reverse any keywords being removed or negative keywords added, behaving as if you dismissed the tip in the first place. Clicking "Apply" will apply the tip, either removing a keyword or adding a negative keyword, based on the tip's type.
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