Tuner basics

What Tuner does

Tuner looks at how your keywords are performing in the search campaigns you're running, including their relevance, price, and conversion rate, and gives you tips on how to improve the performance of your campaigns. Tuner needs a a week or two weeks worth of data to be able to provide tips.

You can read more about how Tuner works in the relevant introductory blog article.

Where you'll find Tuner

You can find Tuner in:

      • The lefthand sidebar, along with the total number of unapproved tips:



The Tuner tab on a campaign's overview page:




The statistics at the top pertain to all tips approved over your entire usage of Tuner. The sections are as follows:


  1. "Save monthly up to" gives you an overview of how many unapproved tips you have and how much you could save if you accepted all of them.

  2. "Predicted monthly savings" gives you a sum of the monthly cost estimates of all the tips you've ever accepted.

  3. "Saved in the last 30 days" gives you a sum of the monthly cost estimates of the tips you've accepted in the last 30 days.

  4. The bar graph icon can be used to hide or show the Statistics section.

Table of tips

The main area in Tuner is the table of tips. It consists of:blobid3.png

  1. The "New only" filter, allowing you to show just the tips generated over the last 14 days
  2. The confidence level filter, letting you show only tips at a certain confidence level
  3. Global actions Apply all and Dismiss all, pertaining to all of the currently filtered tips
  4. Per-tip actions, allowing you to apply or dismiss each tip
  5. The confidence level column, illustrating the tip's current confidence level, with the name of the level shown on hover.
  6. Tip-related information, which differs based on the current tab

Confidence levels

Tuner works with 4 confidence levels: Strongly recommended, Recommended, Promising, and Risky, ordered from most confident to least confident.


You may apply or dismiss each tip, or apply or dismiss all of the currently filtered tips. Changes will be applied with the next synchronization. Actions can be reverted in the "History" tab – more info on the "Reviewing and reverting changes" page.

Types of tips

Tuner currently gives you the following types of tips:

      • Removing keywords

      • Adding negative keywords

More types are on the way.

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