Facebook's Dynamic Product Ads

Data feed for Facebook DPA campaign - without the option of using Image Editor

In order to create dynamic product campaigns on Facebook, we first need to create a data source via Facebook, from which the campaign will draw data. Therefore, select the '' option in the main menu.



You will be taken to a page listing all data sources of the organization. Click on the blue '+' button here.


Then a pop-up window will appear with a selection of data source types. In this case, select 'Facebook Product Catalog'.



We will name the data source (1.) and choose a Facebook account (2.), from which we will choose the required product catalog (4.). If you do not yet have a Facebook account linked, you can link it with the 'Link new Facebook account' button (3.).



Finally, all you have to do is save the new data source with the 'Create data source' button. After saving, the data source will start downloading.



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