Facebook's Dynamic Product Ads

Manual structure of DPA campaigns

The manual structure is useful if you want to be able to set arbitrary conditions for individual ad sets.


First, choose a campaign name in your ad system (1.), and then you can start creating individual ad sets (2.).



Name your ad set (3.) and use the conditions (4.) to determine which products to include. Below you will see a preview (5.) of randomly sorted selected products. Finally, save the ad set with the 'Create FB product group' button.


To make sure you cover all the products in your campaign, we also recommend creating a default set of ads that will include all the products in your campaign. If some products were not covered, it would not be possible to synchronize the campaign.


Name the default set and save it with the 'Create FB product group' button.


In the ad report, we now see that we have covered all the products. So we can set a budget.


Once we have the budget set, we can save the structure and proceed to next settings.


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