Getting started with PPC Bee

What PPC Bee Is and What It’s Good For

Are you a PPC specialist or an e-shop owner? Do you create your ads manually? Do you engage in repetitive work? Then PPC Bee is meant exactly for you.

PPC Bee is a tool for effectively managing product PPC campaigns, one that helps to automate repetitive tasks in advertising systems.

Similarly to Google Merchant, PPC Bee needs a data source (XML, CSV…). Such a source can be imported to PPC Bee and then transformed into campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

Since PPC Bee is linked with the Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Sklik advertising system, you don’t have to repeat the same task for each system. You can simply create everything in PPC Bee and then synchronize it – meaning that the entire task can be done from one place, using one setting.

Due to its more precise targeting, PPC Bee will help you to noticeably increase your rate of investment return, CTR, and sales. The application also gives you the option to monitor campaign performance, using reporting.

And to top it off, your first month of trying all this out is free of charge.

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