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Linking Up with Advertising Systems

The last but one step Wizard instructs us to take is linking PPC Bee up with advertising systems.

Linking PPC Bee up with advertising systems allows the app to create, manage, and report campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and advertisements.

Google Ads

Google Ads is linked up by the OAUTH technology, with your password not being made available to PPC Bee. You simply give the app the access from your account, and PPC Bee will receive a token from Google Ads (a text compiled from many randomly generated characters). The token is used for accessing your account, and is functional even after you change your password. Access can be revoked on the following address:


After clicking Link an account now!, you’ll be redirected to this Google page:


Select the account you’d like PPC Bee to link up with, and then give the app access to your account.


Once you’ve enabled the access, you’ll be redirected back to the application where you’ll be able to see all your accounts.



The process is a little bit different with Sklik. There are two ways to link the system up. One of them is entering the information for logging into your Sklik account.


The other way is to link it up with an API token


This method is a little more practical because there’s no need to change your password, allowing PPC Bee to take the necessary steps at any time, even if you do change your password.

And where can you get your token? Log into your Sklik account and go to Settings


Once you’re there, scroll down. The token is located at the bottom of the page.


Copy the token and insert it into the corresponding box in PPC Bee. Then, click link accounts.

After inserting the token, you’ll see a list of all the accounts you can access. Each account shows the selected currency and the number of product groups which are synchronized for that particular account from PPC Bee.


Bing Ads

Bing can be linked up by means of the OAUTH technology, just like Google Ads.


After clicking Link an account now!, you’ll be redirected to the following Bing page. There, you log in, using your log-in information.



Then you have to give the application access to your account just as you did with Google Ads. 

Then you’ll be redirected back to the application where you’ll see a summary of all your linked accounts.


Our accounts are all linked up at this point. Now we have to go back to the Google Ads, Sklik, and Bing Ads settings and choose the account to which we’ll be synchronizing our campaigns.


And now we can truly proceed to the final step, namely to launching our campaign.


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