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Data Source, and How to Upload It


In order to create a campaign, you need a data source. If you’re not sure what a data source is, what it’s supposed to look like, and where to get it, click here where you’ll find all the necessary information.

If you’re already seasoned PPC-users, you can click one of the blue 'Add source' buttons and get straight down to business.

Should you want to go back to the data source sometime in the future, you can get to it from the main menu, through the campaign overview, or from the campaign that is based on the source.

And now let’s talk about how to upload your data source. (You can read on our blog how to add Google Sheets as a data source. The procedure is not significantly different, though.)


First, give your data source a name (1.). The name serves information purposes only and will help you find your footing in the application. Enter a URL source (2.) and choose the correct format of your data source (3.). If you select a wrong importer, the data source won’t be uploaded correctly and you won’t be able to work with it later. Then, choose how many times a day you’d like the data source to be updated and synchronized (4.), and create the source. 


The first download will start automatically as soon as the data source is completed. 


Click browse products and check whether the data was uploaded correctly. Also make sure that the number of imported products is accurate as it sometimes happens that our importer chooses a wrong unique identifier, importing fewer products into PPC Bee than what the number in the data source actually communicates.

If the data wasn’t uploaded, make sure that the source is valid. If it is but there’s still a problem of some sorts, fill in this contact form and we'll figure out a solution together. 

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