Pricing and billing

Organization Hierarchy

If you are an agency, it is recommended to create an organization in PPC Bee, then add the clients you manage in PPC Bee to it and create new suborganizations. Also, you can add accounts/users with various access levels to both - organization and suborganizations. The access levels are:

  • read-only

  • product campaign management

  • full access

Parent organization

If a user has full access to the organization, they can manage not only the organization, but also every one of its suborganizations. Only in such cases can the user access and review all the payments.

If the user has product campaign management access, they will be able to create and manage campaigns in the organization and all its suborganizations.

If the user has read-only access, they can browse settings. They’ll be able to see the suborganizations, but they cannot browse them.




If the user has their account only in the suborganization but has full access at the same time, they won’t be able to see the parent organization. Only users who have full access can view payments.

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