In the Hierarchy settings, you can adjust the way campaigns are copied into the advertising system. One thing to keep in mind is the name you give your campaign in PPC Bee; the other, what its name in Google Ads, Bing, or Sklik is.

You can find the Hierarchy tab in the product campaign menu. Let us now familiarize ourselves with what can be set under this tab and what we can see there.


First things first, set the campaign name (1.) you’d like to be displayed in the advertising systems. The name can be changed both before, and after synchronization, but there is one thing you have to pay attention to.

If you use a variable in the campaign name, after synchronization took place, you can no longer change the name. In that case, you have no choice but to duplicate the campaign, rename it as necessary, and in the end synchronize it. Don’t forget to delete your old campaign so that there’s no duplicate in the advertising system.

You can also set the name of your ad group (2.). The name must always include a _product_id_ – this helps PPC Bee to always make perfectly sure that your products are unique. The parameter can be put anywhere in the name.

The last thing we’ll discuss in regard to setting hierarchies can be found in the preview. There, we can see a preview of the generated name (3.), as well as the generated ad group names below.

The account structure can be changed at any time; before and after synchronization. The important thing is that product IDs are kept.


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