Creating Sitelinks

Unfortunately, PPC Bee currently doesn’t give users the option to create and manage their own sitelinks. However, if you’d like to keep using sitelinks and to generate them with PPC Bee, you can do it after discussing the issue with our customer support team who’ll enter the links for you. Also, these sitelinks can be adjusted only in cooperation with the customer support team.

What should you know about sitelinks? 

Sitelinks can be set on two levels – for an ad group, and for a campaign.

Sitelinks for ad groups should contain specific information (category, manufacturer…). You can enter your own text, or a variable from the feed. It is also possible to create a sitelink that applies only to the products of your choosing.

ATTENTION! On the level of ad groups, you’re limited to 10 000 sitelinks at the most.

Sitelinks on the campaign level are more general. They can contain your address, transport information, or the contact information of your e-shop.

Visit our blog to find more information about sitelinks. 

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