What should I do if I have a problem with my campaign? 

Sometimes the solution is easier than you think, just check your basic settings. You should pay particular attention to the following:

If the campaign is synchronized or if it is reporting an error.
If you have paid the invoice.
If you have valid terms and conditions.
If you have the correct connection to the payment system.
If you have a large enough campaign budget for the system.
If your keywords are spelled correctly, or if they are not too long or nonsensical.
If you don't have bidding set too low.
If you have the right system selected.
If the data feed is uploaded in the correct format.


Where do I find out what price I'm going to pay?

Thanks to our price list (https://www.ppcbee.com/en/pricing), you can calculate in advance how much you will pay for using PPC Bee services. Please note that the Image Editor used in Facebook campaigns and the Image Editor used separately are governed by their own price list (https://www.ppcbee.com/pricing/fb_pricing_cs.pdf).

If you already have campaigns running and just want to check how much you'll be paying this month, or to check your future prediction, you can do so under the "Subscriptions" tab. There you can see an overview of what features you are using and you can check reports for certain periods.


Do you have any questions about pricing? Feel free to contact us at support@ppcbee.com.


Will I pay for all items in the data feed or just the ones I use in campaigns?

Only the items you use in active campaigns will be included in your billing. If you advertise an item (one URL) in multiple campaigns, you will only pay for it once.


How do I connect payments of all sub-organizations to the parent organization?

This process is called consolidation, if you have full rights as a user, you will find a 'Link Payments' button in the 'Subscriptions' section of the parent organisation's settings - this will transfer the payment obligation to the parent organisation with one click.


I would like to receive email notifications when I am close to exceeding my current subscription plan (i.e. number of products). Can this be set up somewhere?

If you would like to be notified when you are close to exceeding your limit, enter your email address in the appropriate field in your billing information (found in the Organization settings under the Subscriptions & Payments tab). If you want more than one person to receive notifications, separate the email addresses with a comma.



After synchronizing my campaign, several ad groups/ad texts did not transfer to my ad system, what's wrong?

The reasons can vary, sometimes it can be due to a violation of the ad system's terms and conditions, other times due to the length of the ad text, etc. However, you can always find out the specific cause in the campaign preview, where any errors are displayed - just click on the specific ad group. If you don't know what the error means, feel free to get in touch at support@ppcbee.com.



Can PPC Bee be set up to not pause product reports that have dropped out of the feed, but delete them straight away?

Yes, you can find the settings in the Google Ads settings tab. However, if deleting such reports doesn't suit you, don't worry, the pause option is still there of course.


If the URL of the data source used in the campaigns changes, will PPC Bee be able to update the URL?

If all the data and columns remain the same, and only the URL of the data source actually changes, this is nothing that PPC Bee can't handle. However, the URL will need to be manually modified in the data source.


In the ad text preview for Google Ads, I'm getting {=PPCBee_Data.Price:1} instead of price - what can I do about it?

Nothing at all, everything is perfectly fine. In PPC Bee, you can use a special feature of Google Ads - Ad Customizers. Let's say we want to insert a price into the ad text. When using ad customizer, the price is not inserted into the text as text, but as a variable {=PPCBee_Data.Price:1}. When the price of the product is changed, the ad text does not have to be deleted and a new one created, only the parameters for the keywords are changed. Thanks to this, the quality score of the ad text is maintained.


In PPC Bee, I have made a few changes to the campaigns. However, the changes are not overwritten after synchronization.

You've set up the campaigns, synced, then realized you need to adjust a few things, so you manually pause the campaigns in your account and go to reconfigure PPC Bee. Once you're done, you start the sync, then you want to check the changes directly in the account, but the changes haven't propagated... is this scenario familiar to you? If so, just run the campaigns manually in the system and then the sync will overwrite the changes. PPC Bee does not make changes to paused campaigns.


I can't rename a campaign in Hierarchy, how can I change the name?

If you can't change the name in the Hierarchy settings, you probably used a variable in the name. In this case, unfortunately you cannot rename the campaign after synchronization.
The only way to change the campaign name is to duplicate the campaign, rename it as needed, sync and delete the original campaign so you don't have it duplicated in your ad systems.


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