Migration from ETA to RSA

Google has decided to cancel Expanded Text Ads (ETA) and June 30, 2022 will be the last day to create them. After that, only Responsive Search Ads (RSA) will be available.

And because we want to make the transition as convenient as possible, if you don't want to convert the ads yourself, you don't have to do anything and we'll automatically convert them for you. This option is selected by default for all users. 

What will happen to your current PPC Bee ETAs after June 30, 2022?

From July 01, 2022, PPC Bee will start automatically deleting ETAs in your Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising accounts, whenever PPC Bee recognizes changes in your ETAs - including Ad Customizers and their values. That means only ETAs with up-to-date ad texts will be active in your account - the rest will be gradually deleted. But still - you can pause or delete your ETAs by yourself in the PPC Bee app.

Migration wizard

If you want to convert the ads yourself, we have prepared a tool for you to quickly create RSA ads from your existing ETA ads. We've also filmed a short tutorial on how to go through the tool itself, without the slightest hassle:  

The migration wizard can be found on the main Dashboard here:


If you select Open Settings, you will be taken to your organization's settings, where you can choose to keep the automatic migration or turn it off and do it manually. Sni_mek_obrazovky_2022-04-29_v_12.17.19.png

If you want to keep the automatic migration for your future ads and use the migration helper to convert the existing ones, you can leave the automatic migration enabled and run the migration wizard:

Once you've converted or had your ads converted, you can filter all your converted ads in the Ads report, or edit your own columns and add a "Label" to them:



This tool is for migration only, not for bulk editing. If you want to make bulk edits, you can simply do so directly using a function in the application. You can read more about it here


We hope this guide will help you make a smooth transition to RSA. If you have any questions, please contact


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