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Online migration guide for ETA to RSA

Google is ending support for Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) as of June 30, 2022. Microsoft Advertising has also decided to do the same, but the deadline has been pushed back to August 29, 2022.

At PPC Bee, we've decided to provide an online tool for all specialists to migrate ETA ads, free of charge

mceclip0.pngIf you are an existing PPC Bee app user and would like to migrate your PPC Bee ad templates, please go directly to the app. This assistant is waiting for you in the interface as well.


How does the online migration assistant work step-by-step?

1. From your Google Ads editor, export your ETA ads. Depending on your discretion and strategy, you can export expanded text ads from all campaigns (entire account) or just selected campaigns, ad groups and ads. 

2. On the PPC Bee migration wizard page, insert your .csv file and import it.



3. On the left side of the preview you will see a list of campaigns and ad groups from the import file. At this point, you can decide whether to convert to RSA ads in all ad groups and campaigns at once or go step-by-step.


  • If you mark all ad groups and campaigns at once, it means that you have decided to use the same wording for RSA headlines and descriptions (which are not part of the existing ETAs). 

  • However, if you want to be able to vary the wording by campaign or ad groups, do not export the output .csv yet after completing the RSA ads, but use the "Migrate selected ETA ads and continue to next batch" button under the migration wizard

    Press this button to pre-save the RSA ad texting to the selected campaigns or ad groups and you can continue on with the wizard to the other campaigns and adapt the RSA ad texting to them again. 

4. Once you have finished texting specific RSA ads, you can always decide on the status of the ads:

  • What to do with the original ETA ad texts? 
    • We will keep them in the same state (active or paused) as in the original import.
    • Delete them (all ETA ads in the .csv file will get the status "deleted").

  • Which status to use for new RSA ad texts? 
    The same status as your extended (ETA) ads. 
    Enabled (all RSAs will be ready to run)
    Paused (you can run them at any time in your Google Ads editor or account)


5. Once you're done, after filling your email, you can download a .csv file that you can import into your Google Ads editor. 

6. Don't forget to check your output in the Google Ads editor. 


Technical specifications/exceptions
mceclip7.png What can be included in your .csv import?

1. Countdown

PPC Bee will automatically convert this feature to the correct customizer format for RSA. 

2.  Pinning headlines and descriptions in RSA


3.Filling in the missing third headline and second description

Back in the days when Google worked primarily with ETA ads, they also added the ability to edit the third headline and second long description. However, not all advertisers used this option in all of their ads. 

However, our online migration helper can handle this as well, and if you're missing this information somewhere, you're again able to add it to the appropriate fields. We will only fill in this text where this information is not actually present in the title or description. 

mceclip10.png  What can't be done with the PPC Bee migration wizard?

Not all the information you use in ETA listings can be migrated to RSA. 
These include:

1. Ad customizers

2. Ad parameters

3. "If" conditions

You don't need to remove ads with this information from the import, we won't automatically pull them into the migration wizard. Therefore, ETA ads that contain the attributes mentioned above will not be part of the final output with RSA ads at all



Like it? Then jump into the migration! :) 


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