Google Ads extensions

What is it and what is it for?

Similar to Sitelinks, Google Ads extensions are certain additions to your ads and are used to add more information to your ad. They also give customers more reasons to choose you. They can therefore increase your ad click-through rate by several percent.


Types of extensions available:

You can create extensions in PPC Bee either at the campaign level or at the ad group level. 

At the campaign level

You set the extensions at the level of the whole campaign, it is not possible to branch, but only to apply time restrictions (for example when the whole campaign is on a promotion).

At the ad group level

Here you have the option to use conditions and specify what extension will be set for each product. You can target more specifically and set up branching (for example, promotions only for certain products in a campaign)

At the moment you can find:

Callout extension

This allows you to add additional text to your ads, such as "free shipping". With the help of descriptions, it is also possible to convince customers to convert offline. More information.

Call extension

Allows you to add a phone number or call button to your ads. This can motivate customers to contact you. More information.

Structured snippet extension

Allows you to highlight the most important information or distinctive features of your products and services. Structured snippets appear below the text ad in the form of a header and a list of values - select a predefined header (for example, category, destination,...), and list the items. More information.

Extension promotion

This allows you to add promotional information to your ad, which can increase the effectiveness of text ads in search. This is because users looking for the best deals in your product range will be alerted to sales and promotions. More information.

Image assets

Image assets are ad assets that allow you to upload rich, relevant images to complement your existing text ads. With compelling visuals of products or services that enhance the message of your text ad, image assets can help drive performance for your ads. More information.


How do they work?

To maximize the performance of text ads, Google Ads selects extensions to show in response to each individual Google search. For this reason, it's smart to use all extensions relevant to your business goals.

By adding more content to your ad, extensions ensure your ad has more visibility on the search results page. This means you tend to get more value from your ad. Extensions often increase overall click-through rates and can provide additional interactive ways for people to reach you, such as through maps or calling.

Where you can find them? 

  1. Go to the campaign where you want to add the extension and select Google Ads Extensions from the left menu
  2. Select the extension you want to create and click "+ Add extension..."
  3. You can conveniently turn the extension off and on with a single button. 



Each extension has a slightly different interface and therefore needs slightly different input information.

Here we'll show you how to set up the Campaign Call Extension, where you only fill in the name, country code, and phone number. You can also set a time restriction if you only want to run this extension during a certain period. Then, on the right, you'll see the classic preview. 



Once you create an extension, you will see all your created extensions in the overview and you can edit them, turn them off and on, set time restrictions and of course delete them. 




I hope this article helps you, if you have any questions please feel free to contact our support - support@ppcbee.com. If you want to read even more about extensions, here is a definition directly from Google.


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